It Takes a Village to prepare for extreme weather

It Takes a Village to prepare for extreme weather

Sometimes new communities are our most vulnerable. When some master plan developments are constructed, residents come from all over Australia to live. However, they don't know or understand what the area's weather history or how to prepare for it.

To help address this, Green Cross Australia is working with Manidis Roberts, the Urban Land Development Authority, Stockland and others to develop a guideline to assist developers to produce "Local Resilience Reports" for new masterplan/urban developments. The guidelines aim to ensure that developers equip residents in new developments with an awareness of natural hazards and work proactively to improve community education in order to better prepare for disaster events.

The project is initially being targeted at new urban communities where residents' local knowledge of the area and its associated hazards is low. However, the guideline could be utilised by proactive existing communities.

The guideline will be developed and tested through four pilot case studies of masterplan/urban communities that are currently under development. Once tested, the Checklist will be revised and a more detailed Guideline will be prepared to assist developers in implementing the resilience process. It is anticipated that this guideline will be published in September.

Green Cross Australia intends that these guidelines should be rolled out to all new masterplan developments to ensure communities are appropriately assisted to prepare for disaster events.

In 2012 the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) extended their existing Green Star Building rating tool which awards Green Star ratings for buildings according to their environemntal design and construction. The new Green Star Community rating tool evaluates the environmental design and construction of entire communities, including elements such as community preparedness. The video above explains why strong, sustainable and resilient communities are important now and in the future. Green Cross Australia's Community Resilience Checklist is listed as an option for developers to achieve credit within the Green Star- Communities rating tool "Climate Adaptation and Resilience" credit.

Stay tuned for more updates as Green Cross Australia continues to work in this area. If you are a developer and would like to find out how Green Cross Australia can help you acheive the 'Climate Adaptation and Resilience' credit within Green Star Communities, contact us here.