Building back green in ChelmerBuilding back green in Chelmer

Building back green in Chelmer

Green Cross Australia has catalysed another wonderful example of building back green in Queensland.

In the leafy Brisbane suburb of Chelmer, Peter and Suzanne Davies (pictured top right) are busy rebuilding their beloved home after it was left devastated by the Queensland floods of January 2011.

While a get-back-on-your-feet approach has underpinned many rebuild projects, the Davies' house in Chelmer stands out as a shining example of building back green with a range of resilient features.

The house now proudly boasts resilient building principles that will better enable to it to withstand another flood. A particularly ingenious feature is a prototype modular kitchen that can be removed given 24 hours notice. So much time (and money) is invested in our kitchens and the Davies' now have the option of completely removing the joinery as well as the appliances should another flood threaten them again. Tiled surfaces and more removable joinery can also be found throughout the lower level.

Another wonderful feature of Peter and Suzanne's new home is a specially conceived electrical wiring system. During the flood, power to all homes was disconnected and remained off until homes passed inspection. The Davies' house has distinct wiring systems on each level, with important circuits and appliances (such as air conditioning compressors) all located above the flood level. This means that the home will be habitable during and immediately after the floods, with power still being generated by solar panels mounted on the roof!


Inspired by Green Cross Australia's Build it Back Green

Green Cross Australia is especially proud of the achievements of Suzanne and Peter. It was at a Build it Back Green workshop held soon after the January floods that catalysed the practical partnerships that made this happen!

Suzanne explains, "Build it Back Green has been invaluable in the restoration of our flooded house. Thanks to the inspiration it gave it Mark, it helped us transform our home into a more sustainable and resilient building after the floods," she said.

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