Water by Design

Harden Up featured in 'Water by Design'

Harden-Up and become more self-reliant during natural disasters.
HardenUp.org  was launched today and empowers Queenslanders to become self-reliant during natural disasters. HardenUp.org will build community resilience to severe weather by raising awareness of hazard exposure through a scalable social media platform that encourages Queenslanders to:

1. identify their personal risk exposure to cyclone , severe storm and storm surge;

2. take practical actions to reduce hazard exposure;

3. build community resilience by getting involved in local volunteering programs;

4. adopt sustainable practices, especially by making green choices when recovering from severe weather events.

The project, is a partnership led by Green Cross Australia and is funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, which is funded through shared contributions from the Australian Government and the Queensland Government. Check out the Harden Up website and learn about the history of weather events in your area.