Check hot water system and tanks are secure


Check hot water system and rainwater tanks are fixed securely.

External hot water systems and rainwater tanks are often located adjacent to your house on levelled ground, but not securely anchored to the ground or wall.

Rainwater tanks are a great addition to any property and enable self-sufficiency whether for all your water needs or just watering the garden. Often the only attachment is the pipes that lead to and from the tanks. A full 2000-litre rainwater tank weighs just over 2000 kg when full.

However heavy these tanks are, a significant flood event could uplift and be driven into your house or garage, or swept downstream, where they could damage other properties. And you don't want the added cost of repairing or replacing and reinstalling tanks and pumps.

Securing the water tanks to the ground or wall by a strap or anchor will ensure they don't tip over and break water and gas pipes, or damage the pressure pump in the event of floods or earthquake.

Ensure your tank overflow is adequate and clear of debris. A locked tank overflow will cause water to flow over from the top of the tank, which may result in erosion of the tank base in heavy downpours. If your tank base is crushed rock or road base, sandbag the base to avoid erosion, which leads to instability.

Protect your tank pressure pump by removing and relocating the pump if necessary. If your pump is submerged, it probably won't work again and your warranty will be void. 

If your tanks are underground, again relocate the pressure pump before bad weather. Contaminated water can be disinfected using a non-chorine food-grade tank water purification agent.