Secure loose items in your yard or deck


Any outdoor furniture, boats, caravans, bicycles, ornaments, pot plants, gas tanks, drums, market umbrellas, swings, lawnmowers, garden tools, garbage bins, large toys and the countless small items which accumulate should be secured or stored in the garage, garden shed or in your home. Strong winds can pickup and hurl items through windows, doors and garage doors, destroying the external barrier protection your family. Glass breakage is particularly dangerous and most windows and doors are not tempered safety glass, particularly in older homes.

If you have a swimming pool, remove the pool cover to avoid the cover damage during heavy downpours. If there's no safe place to store garbage bins, simply fill them with water.

Caravans are necessarily of lightweight construction with flat sides, which makes them susceptible to being blow over during high winds, or damaged by flying debris. Use   chassis and roof tie-downs to prevent your caravan being blown over. The most effective roof tie-down is a strong net firmly fixed at ground level that passes over the van roof, which might also protect your van from flying debris.

If you store your boat at home, make sure it's weighed down and anchored securely to the ground, to avoid damage to buildings or fences.