Consider floor coverings resilient to floods


Consider installing alternatives to carpet floor coverings, such as slate, terracotta or ceramic tiles with removable rugs. In most cases, acrylic, or wool floor carpets don't tolerate floodwater immersion.

Carpets require specialist treatment after water damage, whether damage comes from floods, storm, burst plumbing, or fire damage. They need to be dried, moisture-tested and re-laid, possibly with new underlay, which is a costly repair. As carpets tend to harbour dust, mould and dirt, why not consider cost-effective alternatives to carpet?

Hardwood timber is attractive, warm and durable. Hardwood timber floors are worth considering and a sustainable alternative to carpet. While laminated floors will warp after inundation, solid hardwood floors should sustain little damage. Check with the manufacturer about the risk of warping if inundated.

Exposed concrete flooring is a suitable option for certain rooms such as a garage that doubles as an entertainment area. You can get concrete with an integrated pigment colour, you can paint the concrete or use a clear sealer for a modern or industrial look.

Decorate with a variety of rugs, which can be swapped when you feel like a change the décor, and rolled up and stored.