Move loose items to higher ground


Move loose items in yard or on deck to higher ground

Ideally any items in your yard such as outdoor furniture, boats, caravans, bikes, ornaments, pot plants, gas tanks, drums, market umbrellas, swings, large toys, and garden tools should be removed or locked inside a garage or shed. In floodwaters, these loose items become buoyant and float away. In a flash flood these items could be picked up and hurled through windows, doors and garage doors causing avoidable damage.

Caravans are necessarily of lightweight construction with flat sides, which makes them susceptible to being tipped over during floods, or damaged by flood debris. Use chassis and roof tie-downs to prevent your caravan being swept away. The most effective roof tie-down is a strong net firmly fixed at ground level that passes over the van roof, which might also protect your van from flood debris.