Identify which indoor items to raise or remove


Indentify which indoor items you will raise or remove

If you have adequate warning that your property could be inundated by floodwaters, you have a few options. Find out whether your area was previously flooded and the height floodwaters rose to. Compare that to the current predicted river peak.

Because you live in a double storey home, you have a few more options for protecting your possessions. Find out ahead of time the peak flood level for any previous floods, and work out whether the second floor was affected. If not, consider moving your furniture and other possessions to the upper floor. Ask your friends and neighbours to give you a hand. If you're unsure, removing all furniture, electrical items, and valuables could be your best option. Call around to family and friends to see who can provide a ute, trailer or truck to help with the move. Pack up clothing, shoes, and personal and household items into boxes and suitcases.

Electrical appliances, white goods, computers, phones, TVs, stereos - anything that operates using electrical or battery power - will not work if it gets wet. To avoid electrocution, an electrician should test these items before you use them, if you're uncertain whether water damage has occurred. If you must leave them behind, turn off and unplug all electrical items.

Is your garage higher up your property? If so you could move some items there. Make sure you stack furniture into a tower with electrical items on top.