Whether you're a long-term resident in your area or newly arrived, volunteering for an organisation in your area is a great way to meet new people, while giving to the community. Across Queensland, not-for-profit organisations desperately need your skills - helping at events, working at head office, co-ordinating evacuees during an emergency, caring for the homeless, teaching children to read, or helping visitors get around town.

In Queensland, many opportunities exist to help others during and after natural disasters. However, to contribute fully you must be properly trained, so that you have the necessary skills to contribute fully as soon as needed. So don't delay - the need for volunteers to help after extreme weather events remains high, even though summer has passed. You'll enjoy a sense of accomplishment and feel fulfilled and proud that you made a difference to someone in difficulty.

Volunteering - either through individual or group action - is a way in which: human values of community, caring, and serving can be sustained and strengthened; individuals can exercise their rights and responsibilities as members of communities, while learning and growing throughout their lives, realizing their full human potential so that we can live together in healthy, sustainable communities, working together to provide innovative solutions to our shared challenges.