Rural or acreage property

When you live on a rural property of acreage you should have a Bushfire Survival Plan, which details how you'll prepare and what action you will take if threatened by a bushfire. A well-prepared property will sustain less damage to human life, livestock, and property during a bushfire.

During a large-scale event, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) will not be able to place a fire truck at every property so it is therefore even more important to have a solid plan in place.

Develop your Bushfire Survival Plan with the help of all those who work on your property and write down the plan so that temporary worker and visiors know what do do. Practis the plan regularly and consider the ages and physical capabilities of everyone in your household including children and elderly residents, when you make your plan.

Your plan needs to take into account what you will do based on the Fire Danger Rating (see page 3). On days of catastrophic and extreme fire weather the QFRS advises that people leave the area well in advance of any fire (the night before or early in the morning is recommended). So you need to decide under what conditions you will stay (if any) and when it would be best to leave well in advance of a fire.

For information and advice about Bushfire Survival Plans, prepare your bushfire survival plan click please download the BUSHFIRE SURVIVAL PLAN leaflet - good preparation is the key to survival and the protection of your property.

Exising tracks, roads, and fences are ideal locations for fire breaks. A joint fire break on boudary fences enables access for fence maintenance and protects the fence from fire damage.

Regular grading and slashing to maintainen adequate firebreaks across large paddocks and adjacent to roads, will lessen the fire's advance and enable fire-fighting trucks access to the fire front. mce_marker