Prepare a pet emergency kit

As a pet owner,  the safety and well being of your household pets and assistance dogs is your responsibility. While the sun shines, get together some essentials for your pets, in the event of an emegency, to make up a Pet Emergency Kit, which is accessible and includes:

  • Pet medications for up to two week, medical and vaccination records and veterinarian details.
  • Sufficient food and water for each animal for  a two-week period.  
  • A familiar pet blanket or bedding, toys, grooming equipment. 
  • A secure pet carrier, leash or harness to move any animals to safety. 
  • Consideration of your animal's sanitation needs, which is important for their (and your) health; e.g. newspaper, paper towels disinfectant, rubbish bags. 
  • Birds must eat daily, so put special food and water dispensers in their cage.  To help calm birds have a cover for the cage.
  • LIst Important telephone numbers for your emergency plan.
  • A current photograph of each animal for identification purposes.


Make sure you have a strong harness or cage for each animal and make sure everyone knows where these are kept, and puts them back in that place after use. Keep your Pet Emergency Kit with your Emergency Kit. If you have birds take a cover for the cage to reduce light and noise so your birds settle.