Identify comfort items to help your children cope


Identify comfort items that would help your children to cope.

During times of stress, children love to have their favourite dummy, cuddly toy, or security blanket with them for comfort; so don't forget those. Small toys or games will provide entertainment and keep kids calm, during a stressful time. If your child has a chronic illness or special needs, there are several steps that you can take to better prepare for medical emergencies. The most important is the preparation of an emergency treatment plan.

Other steps include:

• Registering your information with your state emergency communications center

• Arranging for your family, neighbour and child's teachers to receive basic emergency training

• Preparing an overnight bag with their essential support items to take to hospital or elsewhere

• Meeting with your local SES team to discuss and share your plan with them


Consider possible scenarios, problems and solutions and make sure your family and friends understand the challenges that concern you so that they can provide help and support, if needed. Most people won't hesitate to help, so long as they understand what's expected of them.