Actions for Kids

Involve children in creating emergency plan

  Involve your children when creating your emergency plan, including protecting pets Children (0-18 years of age) are highly vulnerable during natural disasters. Under normal circumstances, ...

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Teach children how to call Triple Zero (000)

  Teach your children how to ring Triple 000 in a life threatening emergency or when parents are incapacitated. Teaching your children how to cope in an emergency and how to dial Triple 000 ...

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Teach your children about disasters

  Use kids' resources to teach your children about disasters Educate your children about disasters, without overly alarming them. Be honest! Tell them that a disaster is something that happens ...

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Identify comfort items to help your children cope

  Identify comfort items that would help your children to cope. During times of stress, children love to have their favourite dummy, cuddly toy, or security blanket with them for comfort; ...

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Ask hypothetical questions

  Ask hypothetical questions for better understanding. Ask your children for their input when you create your Household Emergency Plan, so that they remember it more clearly when the time comes ...

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Learn about how children respond to emergencies

  How we react to an emergency is very personal. What feels scary to someone else might not feel scary to you. Seeing a parent or parents in distress can set off a crisis for a child, so try ...

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