Have tarps and ropes on hand


Have tarps and ropes on hand in the event of roof damage

If your home has sustained roof damage, someone will need to temporarily fix a tarpaulin with ropes to prevent further water or wind damage, until your roof can be repaired permanently. Check who in your street or community can provide tarpaulins.

Tarpaulin is a durable, water proof, material that can be used for many things inside and outside of the average home. While many people are used to seeing tarpaulin used during home or business renovations, this handy material can be used in emergency situations to make the home safe. Tarpaulins are costly to purchase, heavy, hard to handle and need regular maintenance.

First, call the SES on 132 500, tell them about the damage to your house, and ask them if they can provide emergency repair. The State Emergency Service (SES) comprises volunteers and staff who provide a response capability within each local government area. SES responders are trained on how to safely fix tarpaulins to damaged roofs.

Then, contact your household insurance company. 

Tarp Hire can take the hard work out of tarps, especially in an emergency situation such as storm damage to a property. You could can hire a tarp from Tarp Hire 1300 133 844. However, if your roof has been damaged, it's likely that many homes in your area have been affected and demand will be high. Households that are self-sufficient will fair better, so consider purchasing your own. Tarp Hire has more than 400 tarps in stock and all of their tarpaulins are made of strong and durable high quality PVC. They provide a rapid service and are able to supply tarps 24 hours a day, seven days a week.