Ensure garage door locks securely


Ensure garage door locks securely and will withstand cyclonic winds

Garage doors that lead directly into the house are, in fact, entry doors in the same way that your front door is. However, they represent a more serious threat to your security, because they are usually made of a lightweight metal, to allow easy manual opening and closing.

When installing garage doors, ensure that you choose ones that are adequately 'cyclone rated'. Double-width garage doors are more susceptible to wind damage than single doors, because of the large surface area.

If you don't have a 'cyclone rated' door, the wind may force it out of the roller track, especially if the track is lightweight or some of the anchor bolts are not in place. This occurs because excessive wind pressure pushes the door out of the tracks, enabling strong winds to damage items stored in the garage. If your garage is under the same roof as the house, the rooms adjacent could be damaged also.

To secure your garage door:

  • Check with your local code requirements for garage doors
  • Ask the garage door retailer to retrofit a kit to strengthen your garage door
  • Install temporary horizontal and vertical bracing onto each panel, prior to a cyclone striking your area
  • Consider installing permanent heavier hinges and stronger end and vertical center supports for your door


If you decide to retrofit your garage door with a kit that allows mechanised opening, make sure the door is balanced by lowering it about halfway and letting go. If the door goes up or down, the springs will need adjusting by a professional, because these springs are dangerous.