Check your house for internal or external water leaks


Check pipes, walls, ceilings and roof for internal or external water leaks.

A damaged roof, gutter, or downwater pipes could result in telltale brown water stains on walls and ceilings. Apart from looking unsightly and being susceptible to mould, these water leaks indicate a gap in your home's external protection, which should be fixed. During torrential rain these small leaks could become significant problems, leading to wall or ceiling collapse.

Think about where you have holes or openings in the roof or walls of your house. Some of these were intentionally made to allow for plumbing, pipes, electrical cabling, or venting and some are due to building movement. In either case, permanently seal any holes, cracks, or gaps and consider temporarily covering vents to minimise water leakage and consequent damage to walls, ceilings and flooring.

In most cases, gaps and cracks are discovered after damage has occurred from water leakage. However, not all leaks produce visible damage immediately. Some leaks can occur for up to a year before showing any signs of damage. To avoid this hidden problem, ask a licensed builder to check for gaps and cracks.