List those with special skills


List those with special skills that will benefit your community; make a list of tools and equipment your neighbours can share

During an emergency, your community can work together to share valuable skills to benefit all. When you join or start and local group to prepare for emergency events, consider what special skills you have and how you can best contribute. That could be technical, organisational, medical, labour, catering, or childcare. Everyone has some special skill to offer and unique way to contribute to a community that's better prepared.  

Your local group should make a list of tools and equipment, which can be pooled for use throughout the community. Shovels, rakes, earthmoving equipment, pressure hoses, and back-up generators could protect property and people during an emergency event. Of course, you'll want to identify all items and keep track of where they end up, for easy return to the owner. Find a friend with a tinny. Find out who owns boats, in the event that people need to be rescued from their homes in the event of flooding or storm surge.