Have protective clothing and fire equipment


Check you have sufficient personal protective clothing and fire-fighting equipment.

The safest place to be is away from any fire. Survival and safety depend on the decisions you make ahead of time. On days when the fire danger rating is catastrophic leaving early is the safest option for you and your family.

If your plan is to stay, you need at least the following fire-fighting equipment and protective clothing. A fire-fighting knapsack is regarded as the most important item for dousing smaller fires or for mop-up work. 

A knapsack is made up of a backpack-mounted tank, generally manufactured of polythene, containing around 16 litres of water. Water is sprayed onto the fire using a high pressure, double-action underarm pump normally constructed from brass. It is fitted with a fully adjustable nozzle with a straight or spray jet.

Do you have fire extinguishers, full-length cotton or wool clothing, numerous water buckets, wet towels, bushfire boots, and protective gloves?