Get a standby water pump and backup power


Get a standby water pump and backup power source.

During most bushfires, the mains water supply is likely to fail and electric power for water pumps might be cut off. A stand-by water pump will enable you to douse the fire with from water tanks, dams, or a swimming pool.

The size of your pump depends on the type of water source, the number of outlets used simultaneously, and hose dimensions. Make sure you protect the pump from fire and radiant heat so it doesn't it overheat or melt.

As your mains power could fail, you'll need an alternate power source, such as a diesel generator to operate the water pump suitable to pressurise your system, such as an engine with a 3.9 KW power output.

Purchase a number of low cost plastic buckets and fill these with water, and fill sinks, basins, and baths with water in advance.