Community recoveryCommunity recovery

Community recovery


Within every community a set of assets and resources stand ready to be mobilised in times of need. People with local knowledge and local expertise are key to this activation.

A selection of stories evidencing the collective power of people from groups and agencies engaging in community based disaster recovery work can be seen at Queensland Alliance for Mental Health's Hats Off! blog.

The stories of community based disaster recovery as told through the lens of Hats Off!, focus on the ways in which agencies and civic groups have rallied to the recovery call after the impact of Cyclone Yasi and widespread flooding during 2010-2011. They have mobilised to create activities and events that touch at the heart of community, to provide places and spaces for people to come together. Each project offers a unique interpretation of what it takes to build social capacity and each provides part of an answer to the question of what it takes to make a mentally healthy community.

The micro-grant funding program is an initiative of Queensland Alliance for Mental Health's community based disaster recovery project Resilient Places, funded through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). The project is committed to enhancing mental health service linkages, building cross-sector collaboration and encouraging localised ownership, localised knowledge and localised information sharing. The approach is operationalised through a state-wide Mental Health Resource Hub and a regional Mental Health Community Coordination Project.