Before the Storm Iphone App

Before the Storm Iphone App

Developed by the Australian Emergency Management Institute, thie iPhone and iPod Touch app helps students learn about what they need to do before, during and after a storm.

Before the Storm  takes place in a gothic house owned by a mad scientist ably assisted by iGor his Cyborg Lab Robot, Wolfman Elvis, The Thing, beasties and the scientist's creature.

It plays out over four stages: 1. Preparing for a storm, 2. Before the storm hits, 3. During the storm, and 4. Clean-up after a storm

For each stage, players have to complete a series of small tasks in order to achieve the major quest.

It is expected to take somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes to play from start to finish. The game can be replayed with some amusing animations and events that the player may not spot the first time round.

In addition to Before the Storm, the Disaster Resilience For Schools website features resources and more games for schools and students, including:

  • Disaster Mapper, an interactive resource for schools
  • Dingo Creek, go back in time to same this small community from a disaster
  • Digital Stories, young people tell of their experiences and teh effects of disaster on themselves, their families and their communities