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January 2012 rains – Harden Up eNews

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January 2012 rains
It's wet, but not too late to prepare
It's wet, but not too late to prepare

As Southern Queensland is drenched in rain, roads are closed due to flash flooding, and showers are forecasted for the rest of the week, we encourage you to stay safe and prepare for severe weather. In the last 7 days we have seen over 200 create a Harden Up plan. It is never too late to be prepared.

Here is what you can do:

1. Stay informed visit for the latest alerts and warnings.

2. Be safe. Drive safely, slow down, put your lights on and leave room for the unexpected. And remember, if it is flooded, forget it. Don’t drive into floodwater and don’t let children play near storm drains.

3. Be prepared. It’s not too late to prepare for severe weather. Harden Up has dozens of practical tips to prepare your home, your family and your community for severe weather.

Here are our top ten tips to prepare for floods which could substantially improve your situation if a major weather event unfolds. Remember to take care in the wet if you do decide to take these precautions.

• Check your insurance cover, make sure it is current and ring your insurer if you have doubts or questions. More

• Check your emergency kit. Make sure there are adequate supplies and emergency numbers are handy. More

• Call your neighbours if you want to arrange a group run to the shops for supplies – including a 7 day supply of essential medication. More

• Clean out your gutters and downpipes. More

• Know where to turn off main power, water, gas and solar power. More

• Trim trees and overhanging branches to prevent electrical interference. More

• Reinforce garage walls with workbenches to prevent buckling. More

• Move loose items in yard or on deck to higher ground. More

• Anchor water tanks to the ground to prevent flotation. More

• Sandbag/FloodSax external entry points including garage door. More

Protecting your home and belongings is environmentally responsible because of major impacts and costs avoided.

An easy way to sandbag
An easy way to sandbag

We recommend keeping a couple of FloodSax on hand in preparation for flooding. They are a lightweight, portable alternative to sandbags that expand on contact with water. Easy to store, deployed in minutes, and 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. FloodSax are available online or at Tradelink..

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What happened in the past?
What happened in the past?

Today BoM issued flood warnings for coastal rivers and streams from Rainbow Beach to the NSW border and adjacent inland catchments. A similar event happened on the Gold Coast in January 2008. On Harden Up you can read about how it unfolded...

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