Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Certain atmospheric gases trap the sun's heat that would otherwise escape into Outer Space.These gases are called greenhouse gases because they act like the enclosure of a garden greenhouse, which traps heat and modified the climate within, so that plants that enjoy warmer temperatures can flourish.  

Our reliance on burning fossil fuels for energy has led to increases in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases. Global population growth has led to significant  deforestation from changes in land use - mainly urban sprawl and agriculture. 

Australian scientists are studying many aspects of the greenhouse effect. Some scientists try to determine climatic trends. Others model the effect of the enhanced greenhouse effect on Australia's climate and economy. Still others live and work on the Antarctic ice cap, to see what effect the enhanced greenhouse effect may be having there.  

The majority of reputed scientists agree that the only increasing entity that correlates well with the recent, rapid rise in global temperature is the enhanced greenhouse effect caused by human activity. 

Greenhouse -effect