Human Settlements

Human Settlements

The Queensland Government Office of Climate Change has identified key issues we need to address to empower local communities to manage human settlement adaptation risks.

Climate change impacts, such as land and sea based flooding and extreme weather events, will worsen existing natural hazard risks to human settlements.

Land use plans and policies are already in place to address these risks, including the Queensland Coastal Plan, statutory regional plans, and state and national building standards.

The summer of 2010-11 clearly demonstrated the vulnerability of Queensland's settlements to extreme flooding and cyclonic events. The scale of damage to buildings and businesses has not been seen in Queensland's recorded history with more than 136,000 homes and businesses affected.

With more than 80 per cent of Queenslanders living on the coast it is imperative to ensure those communities are resilient to the impacts of future sea level rise.

Further adaptation action for human settlements may include:

  • better planning for flood risks
  • developing adaptation strategies for high-risk coastal areas
  • addressing legal barriers to adaptation
  • improving private insurance
  • planning climate resilient developments.