At Rockhampton, the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton peaked at 9.2 metres on January 4, and exceeded the major flood level (8.5m) from the 1st to the 14th of January.

The flooding cut the Bruce Highway which connects North Queensland with Brisbane. Rockhampton was isolated for several weeks with the main highways to the south and west and the airport flooded (Source: Ninemsn). Many properties were flood affected and many residents were evacuated from parts of the town (Source: ABC).

Between 200 and 1000 millimetres of rainfall was recorded over the Fitzroy River catchment from the
start of December 2010 to the end of January 2011. The heaviest rainfall periods during December and January occurred from December 26 to 28, with falls between 100 and 300 millimetres over a large part of the catchment with some areas receiving over 400mm during this period.

River height records for Rockhampton date back to 1859. The 2011 major flood level of 9.2 metres is the fifth highest peak on record (two peaks recorded in 1918). The previous time the river level exceeded 9 metres was in January 1991 (9.30 metres).

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Location map - 2011 Rockhampton Flood (Red dots - flood inundated…

December-January Rainfall - 2011 Rockhampton Flood

Flood Rainfall - 2011 Rockhampton Flood

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Rockhampton Flood

Annual Flood Peaks - Rockhampton