At Maryborough, the Mary River peaked at 8.2 metres on the 9th of January, and experiecned moderate flooding on the 9th and 10th.

Over 600mm was recorded in most of the Mary River catchment during December 2010 and January
2011 with parts of the catchment receiving in excess of 1000mm. Very heavy rainfall of over 600mm in the Upper Mary between January 6 and 13. Most of the Mary catchment received over 400mm in this same period.

Flood heigh records at Maryborough began in 1864 with 7 major and 4 moderate flood peaks in the record. Last moderate flood was 8.75 metres February 1999.

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Location map - 2011 Maryborough Flood (Red dots - flood inundated…

December-January Rainfall - 2011 Maryborough Flood

Flood Rainfall - 2011 Maryborough Flood

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Maryborough Flood

Annual Flood Peaks - Maryborough