At Helidon, the Lockyer Creek peaked at 13.88 metres on January 10; over 6 metres higher than the previous record flood in 1974. At Sandy Creek Rd (Grantham) there were multiple peaks, the highest of which was 4.90 metres on January 11. Major flood level was exceed on the 9th, 10th and 11th of January. At Gatton, the Lockyer Creek peaked at 15.38 metres on January 11. At Laidley, the creek experienced major flooding 5 times between December 26 and January 19. The highest of these was 8.85 metres on January 11.

Rainfalls between 600 and 1000mm were recorded in the Lockyer Valley area during December 2010 and January 2011. The vast majority of this rainfall fell between January 9 and 13.

Record flood peaks were recorded at Helidon, Sandy Creek and Laidley. The peak of 15.38 metres at Gatton (11 Jan) was higher than 1974 peak of 14.63 metres but less than the 16.33 metre peak in 1893. The Helidon peak of 13.88 metres is over 6 metres higher than the previous record of 7.55 metres in 1974. The site at Sandy Creek Road has no historical flood records, as it opened in 2006.

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Location map - 2011 Lockyer Creek Flood (Red dots - flood inundat…

Flood Rainfall - 2011 Lockyer Creek Flood

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Helidon

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Sandy Creek Road

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Gatton

Flood Height Graph - 2011 Showground Weir

Annual Flood Peaks - Helidon

Annual Flood Peaks - Laidley

Annual Flood Peaks - Gatton