Please note, although your property may not have been directly affected by this flood event, the event has been included in your suburb listing because according to the Bureau of Meteorology river gauge data, a catchment near your suburb recorded a high mark. This event may have affected your suburb.

In the 3 day period between 18 April and 21 April 1990, up to 150 mm of rain fell in large areas of Central Queensland. Some isolated areas recorded up to 350 mm. Major flooding developed on the Warrego River, Maranoa River as well as other inland systems. On 21 April, the Warrego River peaked at 8.5 m. Over 2000 residents were evacuated (mainly by military helicopters) to the higher, local airport. The Insurance Council of Australia estimated the 1990 damage at $30m, with the 2007 estimated repeated cost of $163m.

From the Emergency Management of Australia database this event affected Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and claimed 7 lives, caused 60 injuries and left 5,000 people temporarily homeless. The total estimated cost of these floods was $415 million (in 1990 values), most of which was uninsured.

The towns of Jericho and Augathella were flooded, and on the 20th two-metre deep floodwaters bisected the town of Alpha as the Alpha Creek rose a metre above its previous record. A section of the Longreach railway was washed away.

Early on 21 April, Charleville residents were rudely awoken by the rapidly rising Warrego River. Many were forced to retreat to their rooftops and had to be rescued by helicopter. Late that day the river peaked at over 8.5 metres, 1.5 metres above the previous record. Levee banks were overwhelmed, and as floodwaters spread through the town, the entire population of 3500 was evacuated to the airport. Following an uncomfortable couple of days, residents returned to confront the damage: houses torn from stumps, gaping holes in roads, stinking mud over everything. Downstream, Cunnamulla residents fared better as the river stopped rising when it was 85cm below the top of the levee banks.

At Augathella 30 houses were evacuated and more than 50 houses inundated. At Jericho (population 170) 20 houses were inundated, 5 with major damage. At Blackall 120 people were evacuated from 29 houses. 15 business premises were inundated. According to the Department of Primary Industries, 300,000 sheep, 11,000 cattle and 9,200km of fencing was lost.

Flood April 1990: main street of Charleville

Flood 1990 - Rainfall map April

Flood April 1990: area of record flooding

Flood April 1990: record rainfalls