Please note, although your property may not have been directly affected by this flood event, the event has been included in your suburb listing because according to the Bureau of Meteorology river gauge data, a catchment near your suburb recorded a high mark. This event may have affected your suburb. The map on the left shows the catchment area.

A severe thunderstorm over Cooyar Creek catchment on the evening of Friday 12th caused the highest flood since European settlement in the township of Cooyar. Several houses and buildings were washed away and two lives were lost. As a result of the storm rains over the Darling Downs near Cooyar on the 11th and 12th, moderate flooding occurred in Myall and Oakey creeks.

Cooyar Flash Flood 1988 - damaged house image

Cooyar Flash Flood 1988 - satellite image

Cooyar Flash Flood 1988 - flood area

Cooyar Flash Flood 1988 - temporal rainfall pattern