Tropical cyclone recurved over Mackay. Queen's, Riverview and Belmore Arms Hotels were unroofed and their verandas were blown away. The Courthouse was blown down, two churches, the blacksmith's shop, the Brewery, a stable, a shop and the Newspaper office were wrecked and another church was forced off its blocks. A store, a wharf, the Railway offices and many houses were damaged. Two houses collapsed. Other buildings lost balconies, roofing iron and outhouses were blown down. The 24 hour rainfall in Mackay to 9am 5th was 12 inches (305 mm). Floods shortened the path of the Pioneer River to the sea by 4.8 km (its present course). Lowest bar reading was 984 hPa. All the buildings on Flat Top Island were destroyed except the lighthouse.

Throughout Thursday (3rd) afternoon and night the wind steadily increased in violence By 6am Friday 4 February there was a southerly gale at Mackay. Shortly after 8am the damage started  and at 9am the bar was 990.6hPa  with sheets of iron blowing around and dangerous to be out. About noon a building collapsed. Between noon and 1.30pm the storms was at its peak and galvanised iron flying in all directions with buildings collapsing and being unroofed in quick succession. The old Royal Hotel was unroofed, and the residence of Mr Morley (newly built) collapsed.

The heaviest 24 hour rainfall total was 303.5mm at Mackay in the period to 9am 5 February. Eline after landfall became a rain depression over Central Queensland and the largest 24 rainfall total of 208.8mm was recorded at Bogantungan to 9am 5 February.

Rockhampton Regional Council in partnership with the Queensland a…

Cyclone Eline 1898 possible track