Severe tropical Cyclone Larry crossed the tropical north Queensland coast near Innisfail during the morning of 20 March 2006. Fortunately, no lives were lost and no serious injuries were reported. However, between Babinda and Tully, damage to infrastructure and crops was extensive with the total estimated loss upwards of half a billion dollars. In Northwest Queensland, heavy rainfall from the cyclone caused several townships to be isolated for a number of days and, as a result, food drops were required and emergency supplies had to be delivered by helicopter.

The banana industry in the region was almost wiped out, losing about 200,000 tonnes of fruit, worth about $300 million, representing approximately 80 percent of Australia's banana crop. The storm also destroyed at least $15 million worth of avocados. Larry reached Category 5 for a time just before landfall. As at 30/10/2006 there were 30,594 insurance claims for a total of 14,000 houses of which 500 were written off. Building costs estimated at 1.5 billion 2006AUD. Sugar industry losses were around 200 million AUD with total crop losses exceed 0.5 billion 2006 AUD.

The worst town affected being Silkwood with 99% of the houses damaged. Examples of the extreme wind damage were 4 high voltage transmission towers blown down along the Palmerston Highway and another north of Babinda. An Australian record wind gust of 293.7km/h was recorded on the eastern slope of Mt Bellenden Ker from a CSIRO anemometer. Very large storm surges (debris lines to 5m above MSL) were measured in the Bingil Bay area.

The map at the top left displays the impact area (marked by the black line) with the red line illustrating the path of the eye of the cyclone.

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Cyclone Larry track and intensity (BOM)

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Wind gusts recorded on the Atherton tableland.